Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Content Uprising: How Technology is Changing the Way We Use Content


Technology continues to provide marketers and communicators with amazing opportunities to be creative in gathering, presenting, sharing and managing information. In today’s world, it’s obvious voice-activated search is easier than typing in keywords. And of course, information searched yesterday appears in your Facebook feed today.

Now, stop and think about your organization’s content. Can your audience find your information when they ask Siri a question? Is the right information dynamically appearing in the right place? Can your audience view and engage with the information on their mobile device? If not, it may be time to rethink your content strategy.

OK, technology. Show me what you can do with my content.

Below are four popular advancements that will change how you think about your content strategy:

  1. Voice-Activated Search
    “Cortana, I need. . .” “Hey Siri.” “Hello Alexa.” “OK, Google Now. . .” Do these phrases sound familiar? It’s the sound of people searching for information. With voice-activated search, people are searching with questions, not keywords. This changes how you prepare your meta data to help your audience find what they need, as well updating your editorial calendar to make sure you’re developing content people are searching for on their mobile device.

    The latest research we’re reading to stay on top of voice-activated search:
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  2. Content Tagging
    Being able to target content to the right audience at the right time is a marketer’s dream. Thanks to technology, it’s not only the marketer who has to do all the tagging. Social media tools make it easy for your audience to tag content so their friends have the information. Then their friends tag it, then their friends, and so on (sorry, couldn’t resist). Sounds easy, right? It is, if you are developing the content that your audience wants to share. Now you have to think about being engaging, entertaining and informative so people will stop and read or watch. What’s your video content strategy?

    The latest research we’re reading to stay on top of personalized and dynamic content: Tagging Content: The Simple Thing Most Brands Get Wrong
  3. Search Improvements
    SEO is less about the H1 tags and keyword stuffing now, and more about providing awesome content people want. It’s crucial that you understand what your audience wants so you can develop the content that supports their needs. For example, if you sell a product, it’s great to have the basic information – product name, cost, size, etc. But to get found, it’s time to put context to your product’s function. Tell a story about how the product can improve the buyers’ lives. That’s quality content.

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  4. Intranet Access Anywhere, Anytime
    Remember when you could only access the company’s intranet from your desk in the office? Well, not anymore. Now we have access to information we need to get our jobs done anywhere and anytime on any device. It’s time to stop thinking of your intranet as a document repository. Instead, think of it as a digital workplace your employees can connect to 24/7.

    The latest research we’re reading to stay on top of digital workspace: Gartner Workplace Vision: Digital Dexterity

Making it happen

While technology is making it easier to share content, the challenge is being able to keep up with the development of the content. Development takes time, money and resources. Rightpoint content strategists are here to help. We have the knowledge, skill and manpower you need to ensure your content is prepared for technology. Let us know how we can help you.