Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Selecting a Sitecore Platinum Partner? Here’s How Rightpoint Goes Above & Beyond

Mark Ursino, Sr. Director, Technology
Technology / Platforms / Strategy / Design / Content

Rightpoint has consistently been recognized as a Platinum Sitecore solution partner since 2007, and that hasn’t changed for us here in 2018. It’s quite exclusive to be one of only a handful of companies globally that Sitecore entrusts as a Platinum partner, so we take our long-standing partnership with Sitecore seriously – and with dedication. 

We provide advisory counseling, product feedback and proactive collaboration with Sitecore through new product launches and as the market demands change. Just earlier this year, we partnered with Sitecore on its release of Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 by launching our own Commerce accelerator, Spark Commerce.
What differentiates a Platinum partner from other partners?

When searching for a Sitecore solution partner, it's important to understand what differentiates a Platinum partner from other partners. Not only do Platinum partners have the demonstrated ability to deliver upon the complete vision of customer experiences utilizing the experience and commerce platforms, but they are also able to demonstrate the ability to do so at scale. Consistently. And with the highest quality. That's where Rightpoint comes in. So, what makes us unique?
Sitecore is in our DNA

If you step foot into any of the many offices of Rightpoint and embed yourself into a project team, you'll find that Sitecore runs through our DNA across all capabilities and services we offer. The word 'Sitecore' is a first-class citizen in our company-wide language at Rightpoint. It's not a technology-only construct. From our visual designers to our content strategists, each Rightpoint team relies on the Sitecore system to power the innovative solutions we’re creating for our clients:

Our experience architects and visual designers understand the modularity that Sitecore provides with layouts and re-use of content. They fully consider the features of the platform – from reusable components to the ability to show or hide parts of pages based on personalization rules – to truly shape best-in-class solutions that take advantage of and capitalize on the flexibility of the platform.
Our DevOps engineers keep an eye on support patches, new releases and other third-party factors – such as changes to Microsoft Azure environments – that may influence and affect our clients' web properties and digital marketing operations.
Our content strategists tackle varying states and formats of upstream content, knowing very well that there's a robust and flexible Sitecore system waiting downstream to better enable management and curation of content in digestible ways.
And lastly, our technologists bring to life the customer experiences that we collectively design and build through cohesion with our clients. They bring best practices to the table to take advantage of platform features, while always considering the experience of all users – both external website visitors and internal content authors.
We specifically left the mention of our technology team last to truly highlight the fact that while we ultimately build our solutions with technology at our core, it's the combination of all of our integrated services and areas of expertise that collectively enable us to bring the most value from the Sitecore platform to our clients. Our mission is to help clients succeed at the speed of innovation by creating transformative digital experiences driven by insight, design and of course, technology – meaning the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The best teams design together – and that’s how we create transformational work. Sitecore really does run though our DNA as an agency, and what better way to demonstrate that than by having nine Sitecore MVPs on our global team?
What benefits do our clients gain from working with a Platinum partner?

By selecting a Platinum Sitecore partner, you should expect a company that weaves Sitecore into all facets of its operation. You get a team that goes beyond leaving Sitecore to the developers as a technology-only tool. Early-state strategy and planning will consider your business problems and goals, and where Sitecore fits into the overall ecosystem of business tools. Experience design will bring your customer experiences to life in ways that allow you to tune and optimize engagement over time. Technologists will create a foundation to build upon and help train and enable you to grow and scale your digital operations. Every aspect of your digital initiatives will focus on maximizing the return on your investment and enable you to do what you set out to do – own the experience.