Monday, 14 August 2017

My Internship Experience at Rightpoint Summer 2017

Culture / Design

After finishing my third year in Emerson College’s marketing communications program, I sought out a challenging yet enriching summer internship. After a wonderful first internship at a startup in Boston last summer, I ventured back to my hometown of Chicago to join the marketing team at Rightpoint, an independent customer experience agency. One of the factors that enticed me to this internship was the opportunity to get involved in a variety of projects and immerse myself in the work hard/play hard culture. Just three short months later, I have gained a wealth of learning and experience, as well as broadened my skillsets.

I have always had multiple interests in my education and therefore, chose a major that would allow me to explore my passions for design, business, and writing. Similarly, I hoped my career could also be multi-faceted. Fortunately, Rightpoint was the perfect outlet for me to put those passions in to practice in a creative and entrepreneurial environment. Specifically, I assumed roles in brand awareness, social media, design, analytics, collateral, and events planning. My daily role was supporting the creation and publishing on our social media channels, as well as providing weekly insights on our performance. I was also part of an analytics team that conceptualized and developed a business intelligence dashboard that provides insights on our marketing performance. My experience on the Emerson College’s Women’s Soccer team, playing nearly every position on the field during my career, helped me to smoothly transition into a similar role at Rightpoint.

While I was involved in multiple projects, I owned one long-term initiative that directly contributed to the brand. After rebranding a few months ago, Rightpoint was ready for a collateral facelift to showcase the updated branding, featuring a sleek new logo. My task involved redesigning the corporate events booth, as well sourcing internal and promotional items. The first stage involved taking inventory of the old branding and creating preliminary booth layouts. One of the most enjoyable parts of this project was working with Nina Michielutti, a Rightpoint design intern in the Detroit office who joined me on this project in July. Together, we designed booth layouts following our brand guidelines, while infusing the creative freedom we were given. The next stage of the project involved sourcing items for internal use for employees and external promotional items for use at events. We continually focused on how we wanted the brand to be represented in something as small and simple as a pen. After weeks of research, collaboration, and designing, we presented our recommended booth design and promo items to a group of marketing and design leads. With their feedback and direction, we agreed upon a final booth design and collection of items.

So much of what I have learned during my time at Rightpoint is due to the level of responsibility I was given on projects like this one. From day one, I have always been treated as simply another member of the team. This instilled confidence in me, encouraging me to speak up, share my ideas and challenge traditional thinking. My experience was enriched by the opportunity not only to collaborate with the marketing team, but different departments across the company. This also gave me a greater understanding of the pivotal role a marketing team plays at an agency. Marketing is the only group, at least at Rightpoint, that has touch points with every department of the company. I like to think of it as marketing is the heart and the oxygen is our brand. We are in charge of pumping the brand to the rest of the body, or in this case, the rest of the company. If we fail, our company, and ultimately clients suffer. It gave tremendous purpose to the work my team and I did every day.

As much as I enjoy my college marketing communications program, the classroom is no substitute for real life. I have perhaps learned more in three months as an intern than in my three years of college. I believe being a sponge and asking questions, accompanied by the support and talent of my colleagues have enabled me to thrive here at Rightpoint. This experience has been transformative and will most certainly be the catalyst to any success I achieve in my career.

Alexandra Levin is a Summer Marketing Intern at Rightpoint. Follow her on LinkedIn.