Friday, 24 October 2014

Four Exciting New Features Coming from Microsoft & Salesforce

Yes, you read the title correctly! Salesforce and Microsoft are finally starting to work together to enhance their joint solutions which is a big step forward after a long wait.

Anna Kuperberg Photography

Photo by Anna Kuperberg

Today, users of SharePoint Online 2010 and 2013 are able to easily set up Salesforce Files Connect to their company SharePoint sites to access, share and search external data directly from their Salesforce instance. This is a new and very useful integration that allows users to connect anytime, anywhere providing a single point of access for your files. While this is a cool feature, there are four other significant enhancements coming in 2015 (safe harbor of course) that will take the joint partnership to a new level.

1. Salesforce1 for Outlook

The new Salesforce1 for Outlook is the latest and greatest from Microsoft that will not require a client side install and will be available on both desktop and mobile. All Microsoft Outlook 2013, Exchange Server 2013 and Office365 users will be able to manage their Salesforce data directly from Outlook. Keep an eye out for this in the first half of 2015.

2. Power BI for Office365 and Excel Integration

With this new feature, Salesforce customers will be able to pull data directly from Salesforce objects or reports for more robust reporting and analytics. Once the integration is set up, you will be able to refresh your data directly in excel just as you would a report in salesforce but it will allow you to use the Power BI capabilities to create interactive visualizations and dashboards.

3. OneDrive for Business Integration

Salesforce1 integration with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and OneDrive will allow Salesforce mobile users (iOS and Android) to edit and save documents without having to log into a separate application. This will boost productivity for your sales reps giving them access to all of the content they need to drive sales without ever leaving Salesforce.

4. Salesforce1 for Windows

Salesforce1 is currently only available for iOS and Android devices however in the second half of 2015 users will now be able to leverage the platform to build their own apps and run their business from Windows devices. This is a really exciting update for Windows device users.