Wednesday, 12 May 2010

SharePoint 2010 Publishing Site Collection - where did all of the other site template options go?

I have been dabbling with SharePoint 2010 for a few months, but had yet to crack open an SP2010 Publishing site.  Publishing site templates are typically my go-to for a variety of reasons, but (for me) I use publishing sites primarily for the ease of page management (versioning, publishing, management of page layouts, etc).  So, today, in my VM, I created a new site collection using the "Publishing Portal" template and proceeded to poke around.


In the process of getting my hands dirty, I went to create a subsite...and this is where the freakout begins.  I have no options...there are like 2 choices to create a subsite, only 1 of which is really useful to me.  Where are my collaboration templates?  Where are my search templates?  WTH Microsoft...what have you done to SharePoint????!!!  Are you trying to hijack my career?  Ahem.


I did some googling binging (sorry Microsoft) and found little explanation beyond detailed descriptions around each template, which are linked below in case you are interested...but I digress.  Anyhow - then it dawned on me that in MOSS 2007 you can control the site templates and page layouts available to users within Site Settings --> Look and Feel --> Page Layouts and Site I thought that maybe Microsoft "narrowed" the list by default.  Sure enough, that's exactly what they did.  Thus, I simply enabled all (for now) and stopped ranting at Microsoft for trying to ruin me.  :)




Oh - and can now set the default page layout for a new page (score!):


Useful links describing the native site templates in SharePoint 2010