Monday, 15 March 2010

Datasheet View Extras – Who Knew?

Jeremy Williams, Sr. Director, Modern Workplace

I often tell my clients that I learn something new about SharePoint everyday, and (today) I have the perfect anecdote to prove it!  For those that have already found the sweet toolbar on the datasheet view, the rest of this post may be a bit boring to you; however, if you haven’t found the datasheet view task-pane, read on!

Recently, I was working on some list items in datasheet view on SharePoint 2007, and I accidentally clicked on the little right arrow on the right side of the datasheet view:


Much to my surprise, this handy-dandy little task-pane came zooming out:


While the task-pane doesn’t offer any earth-shattering features, it’s still a handy little tool.  The undo feature is nice to have around, as was the sort option (much easier/quicker than clicking all of the header in an attempt to get the perfect sort).  Also, the ‘Clear Filters’ button was handy as well, and stopped my previous habit of refreshing the browser to get back to a clean-slate on the data sheet viewer.