Sunday, 1 November 2009

What's New in SharePoint 2010 -- Rightpoint's Top 10

Ross Freedman, Co-founder and Board Member

A lot of people have been asking about what's new in SharePoint 2010 since we came back from the conference.  Below is a summary of the key highlights from my perspective:

1. Enhanced User Interface for Improved User Adoption
- The Office Ribbon user interface now in SharePoint
- Interactive user interface with Silverlight & AJAX
- Intuitive site editing, theming and publishing

2. Greatly Improved Office Integration
- Easy use of content and data across Client & Server
- In-context collaboration through the Office Backstage
- Enhanced offline experience with SharePoint Workspace

3. Anywhere access (Finally!)
- Cross-browser support with accessibility compliance
- Mobile-based interaction across SharePoint & Office
- Office Web Apps for browser-based co-authoring

4. Consolidation of the SharePoint Platform
- Rich and integrated platform to replace niche systems
- Solutions across Intranet, Extranet and Internet
- One-time training and cost-effective maintenance

5. More Deployment Choices
- More flexibility through on-premise and hosted services
- Multi-tenancy with SharePoint Online Standard
- Dedicated hosting for more control and customization

6. Productivity your IT department
- Robust installation and predictable migration process
- Reduced upgrade time with better patch management
- Higher availability through proactive monitoring

7. Productivity/Development Tools to Make .NET/SharePoint Developers More Efficient
- SharePoint development with Visual Studio 2010
- Application Lifecycle Management & Team Development
- Higher solution quality with new debugging tools

8. More Data Connectivity Options
- Read-write LOB data with Business Connectivity Services
- Client and REST APIs for access to Office data
- SharePoint data exposed through web services & APIs

9.  Support for Composite Solutions
- No-code solutions with SharePoint Designer 2010
- Process automation and visualization - InfoPath & Visio
- Standards support for development & publishing


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