Future-Proof: How an eCommerce Center of Excellence Enables CPG to Thrive in the DTC Era

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Brands are much more than businesses that sell products to consumers; they’re sources of comfort, a promise to the customer, and a standard for quality. But brands, like popular culture, also reflect a moment in time. And like popular culture they must evolve with the consumer’s changing tastes and values or fall into oblivion. While staying relevant with the consumer has always been a top priority for brand managers, maintaining a leadership position has become much more challenging in the digital age. 

An enterprise center of excellence (ECOE) is a group of stakeholders, processes, and technologies, deployed in the eCommerce channel, to help brands stay relevant with the modern consumer. The goal of an ECOE is two-fold. The first is to achieve a stated purpose -- say revive a laggard brand or launch a new one with a DTC aesthetic. The second is to create a case study with learnings that the rest of the enterprise can leverage. 

This eBook will explore how an ECOE can benefit an enterprise looking to invest into the modernization of its eCommerce and direct to consumer digital investments.

This eBook looks at:

  • The macro-level drivers for an enterprise center of excellence
  • The purpose of a center of excellence and who it serves
  • The lifecycle of a center of excellence and real-life examples
  • How to build a center of excellence team
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