Steve Samnadda Director, SharePoint

Steve has over 10 years of application development experience at Rightpoint and specialises in building personalised Digital Workplaces for Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Office365 and Azure. His goal as a leader is to empower his team to do their best by staying current with industry trends, providing opportunities to stay technologically diverse, and most important, developing soft skills. From experience leading dozens of software projects, he is a believer that: 1. agile works, 2. every client is unique, and 3. an in-person meeting is greater than a conference call.

Prior to Rightpoint, Steve spent four years in the public sector working with mainframes, learning database architecture, and developing websites with ASP.NET 1.0 thru 2.0. His current passion is learning how emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, can transform the Digital Workplace. When not at work he enjoys exploring Chicago and being an awesome dad.