Damien Scott International Growth Markets and New York Managing Director, Lead of BCM

As a leader focused on digital innovation and product delivery, Damien brings his passion and expertise in aligning world-class organisations to Rightpoint. Damien is building a global network of Rightpoint locations from the ground up, initially supporting continued expansion in Europe and Australia while spearheading new opportunities in the New York area.

Damien has always been at the intersection of experience design and technology throughout his career, helping clients and organisations to accelerate their digital transformation. A majority of his career includes a deep focus on finance and health-care. 

Most recently, Damien was the Managing Director of Experience for Genpact Digital, North America. He joined Genpact as part of the acquisition of TandemSeven, where he led key growth initiatives. Prior to joining Genpact, Damien had a 10-year career with FICO and led their Digital Services Consulting organisation. Damien earned a master’s degree in Telecommunications Management from Pace University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.